Healthy Basket started in 2001 as a project by the American University of Beirut to improve Lebanese farmers’ livelihood in rural areas, preserving the environment and protecting human health by adopting organic agriculture as a key strategy. Fresh , certified organic fruits and vegetables sold by HB are produced by small farmers throughout Lebanon, closely supervised by the internationally accredited Lebanese Certification body “LibanCert”.

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a universal concept deserving increased recognition and application. Equally empowering to both the community and the farmers, CSA offers solutions to common problems facing farmers and communities worldwide. “(Robyn Van En, 1992)

There are several ways to shop with us: you can subscribe to our CSA porgram and get your weekly basket, you can place your customized orders online, and you can visit our shop in Hamra and pick your own products.



Healthy Basket does not own a farm. Rather, we work with several small-scale farmers scattered throughout Lebanon from North to South, East to West. All the farmers are certified organic by one of two accredited certifcation bodies operating in Lebanon, LibanCert and IMC. Subscribe to our website, Check what's in the shop and simply order!!


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